Welcome to Shezam!

Professional magician Kayla Drescher attempts to finally answer the question, “What is it like to be a woman in magic?”  And Kayla isn’t doing it alone-episodes will feature a range of guests and guest hosts, from (mainly) magicians to comedians, directors, TV Hosts, and much more.

Shezam was born out of Kayla’s extensive frustration with how women in magic, and other industries, are treated.  With co-creator, Carisa Hendrix, Shezam has opened the conversations that haven’t been spoken about, on such a large platform, before.

Since the beginning, Shezam has accomplished a significant amount: compiled stats on the industry’s representation of women, discussed issues of sexual assault, talked costumes and props, and started to compile an extensive audio documentary on the history of women in Las Vegas.

Overall, we are seeing the industry make small steps towards more significant change.

Shezam is not only a podcast, but a full resource for the magic community to empower women to empower themselves.  And maybe, with each other, that question will one day become obsolete.

Let’s do this!