Let’s Make it Vanish

Here’s a list of all our “Let’s Make it Vanish” segments. What do you think of the suggestions?

“Female Magician”-this puts women in a separate box based on their sex. Women are magicians. Use her/their preferred pronouns and we’ll understand her/their gender-“She is a magician”.

“Reach Into My Pocket”-there is absolutely no situation where asking an audience volunteer to reach into your pants pocket is okay. Don’t do it. Stop it.

“Premature Compliments”-stop telling magicians that are new that they’re amazing. This is detrimental to their growth. Be honest-give a compliment or two and then help them improve.

“Celebrating Chung Ling Soo”-If you have more posters of Chung Ling Soo than you do magicians of actual Asian descent, then you’re doing it wrong. Also, his name is William Robinson. We should use that instead.

“Gypsy Thread”-The term “gypsy” is a derogatory term. Instead, use “Torn and restored thread”.

“Hindu Shuffle”-Replacing this with “Open Overhand Shuffle

“Teaching Magic with Pockets”-instead of making large pockets, a specifically gendered clothing item, the norm in teaching magic, use a gender-neutral item like a box or a magic bag.

“Chink a Chink”-this is a no-brainer on why we shouldn’t use this trick title. Instead use, “coin assembly” or “bottle cap assembly”.

“One of the Boys”-telling a woman this makes her feel like being more masculine is a necessity in order to fit in. No need for it.

“Chop Cup”-The performer to popularize this was Al Wheatley who performed as a character called “Chop Chop”. We’re now calling it the “Wheatley Cup”.

“Black History Month”-Why is this the shortest month? We should discuss race and Black history throughout the whole year!