001: It Has Begun

Welcome to the pod! IT’S HERE! First episode! Get ready for a podcast that one day will (hopefully) make itself obsolete. Cohosts Carisa Hendrix and Kayla Drescher, professional magicians, finally answer the question, “What is it like to be a woman in magic?” But since the answer was too long and too important, they made a podcast! Not just a podcast, but a full resource for the magic community to empower women to empower themselves. And maybe, with each other, that question will become obsolete. Let’s do this!

Episode 1: It Has Begun

The ladies use the art of Haiku to describe how they got into magic, before going into a back and forth Q&A on their histories, tricks they used to hate, performers they’ve changed their minds on, and their favorite magical resources!
Carisa and Kayla also play The Odd Couple Game, and afterwards they go into Regret Time.


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