009 – Part of the Problem (Part of the Solution)

This episode talks about some potentially triggering subject matter.

We are constantly asked why there are so few women in magic. There is no single answer because it is complex and nuanced; in fact it’s often the little things that add up to become a larger issue.

The little things are often difficult to understand and therefore go over looked. As an example, there is the current popularity of sexually explicit images of women used in a recent string of “porn memes” in a comedy forum for magicians. We wanted to draw attention to the idea that these contribute to a culture that is unwelcoming to women who might be browsing the forum for the first time, so we posted the hashtag #partoftheproblem.

We are not implying that every woman is offended, or even that we are personally offended. Most of us could not have made it to where we are without thick skin, but that should not be a necessary requirement to be part of this community.

We are proud to be part of magic right now; so many people are interested in the support of women in magic and a move toward greater gender equality within the community.

If you see something you believe is contributing to the lack of women in the art of magic, please use the hashtag #partoftheproblem to draw attention to the issue without judgment or disrespect. Most people don’t realize how these little things taken together make a big impact.

On the opposite end, if you see a post that promotes equality and respect for women and all individuals in the community, please use the hashtag #partofthesolution. Let’s show respect and encouragement for positivity.

Our efforts are not to shame or make fun of anyone and their actions. A single action does not constitute a bad person. Instead, we are here to educate and to learn. Let’s work together to help fix the little things!

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