017 – Real Talk – Sexual Assault

Warning: This episode veers into some difficult topics, viewer discretion is advised.

This week Carisa and Kayla tackle the difficult topic of Sexual Assault in the magic community, and discuss things we can all do to help put an end to it.

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A Man’s Guide to Not Sexually Harassing Women

One thought on “017 – Real Talk – Sexual Assault

  1. This was painful to listen to, sorry ladies.

    First of all, Carisa, you are kind of a hypocrite. On your website, https://www.carisahendrix.com/#!prettyPhoto[1]/https://www.carisahendrix.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Corporate-Magican-1024×683.jpg there is a picture of you fully clothed flanked by two men wearing nothing but their underwear. That’s VERY offensive and disturbing and not funny at all. Talk about harassment. You would not pose topless in your panties with two men in suits would you? Then why the double standard?

    Why even mention there’s a new Supreme Court Justice, if you are “not going to get political?”

    I think women are just as guilty of handling men in a sexually harassing way on a regular basis. Just watch Katy Perry on that TV show, how she treats men. It’s just that men won’t bring it up because they’d be laughed at. The hypocrisy in society is so frustrating. But the very nature of a podcast called Shazam is sexist.

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