044 – Kayla and Carisa catch up

After a few one on one interviews, Kayla and Carisa get together to catch up with each other and you.

Intro / Shezam theme0:00:00
Catching up0:00:39
Performing at San Quentin0:02:56
Shezam interviews Shezam0:14:12
Show developments in Chicago0:16:30
Strongest and most improved aspects of your act0:21:46
Preventing burnout0:25:44
Homebase vs suitcase0:29:17
Lightning round0:33:53
Touring family0:38:51
On the road vs at home0:42:56
Essenial skills for touring groups0:50:06
Developing material for shorter acts0:52:32
Lightning round0:58:07
SAM funding / Shezam theme1:03:35

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