051 – Creative Quarantine with Bizzaro

This was recorded before we knew how bad it was. Bizzaro and Carisa talk about staying creative.

Biz’s creativity notes here.

Shezam theme / Getting Bizzaro on the podcast0:00:00
Creativity roadblocks0:03:46
Prop building0:12:56
Approaching creativity0:20:13
Collaboration / outside influences0:26:48
Review current material0:32:09
Blocker: never had an original idea0:34:17
Blocker: overwhelmed by ideas0:38:14
Blocker: has ideas but not a builder0:39:12
Blocker: half-finished ideas0:41:03
Blocker: same solutions to every problem0:45:05
Lightning Round0:48:31
Shezam theme / SAM Funding0:56:01

3 thoughts on “051 – Creative Quarantine with Bizzaro

  1. How appropriate: One magician named Hendrix and one named after Jimi Hendrix. Enjoyed the episode. Stay safe, good people.

  2. I want some of my engineering students to listen to this. I teach engineering to gifted high school students, many of whom have a hard time overcoming their perfectionism (as do I, sometimes.) I’d love to read Bizarro’s notes, too.

    Stay safe in these strange days.

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