053 – Livestreams: You’re doing it wrong!

If you are doing livestreams because you are stuck at home, you need this.

We also want to take a moment to thank amazing photographer Dana Pleasant for the incredible images we continue to use.

Intro / Shezam theme0:00:00
Catching up0:00:30
Quarantine self-care0:02:10
10 best practices for mental health0:08:25
1) Social distancing not emotional distancing0:08:51
2) Clear routines and schedule0:10:49
3) Exercise and physical activity0:13:32
4) Learning and intellectual engagement0:16:34
5) Positive family time0:18:13
6) Alone time0:20:20
7) Focused meditation and relaxation0:21:21
8) Remember the things you enjoy doing0:23:51
9) Limit exposure to TV and internet news0:25:41
10) Bathe daily, if possible0:28:09
Tips for Livestreams0:31:09
Mute the audience0:32:08
It is and it isn’t live theatre0:37:38
Glare / Lighting0:38:46
Using supplies0:44:15
Camera angle0:49:40
No applause needed0:51:05
Behind the scenes team0:52:25
Don’t complain0:54:00
Winner: Charlie Frye0:57:59
Winner: IBM Lectures0:59:22
Winner: Magic|Bar1:00:07
Winner: SCAM1:01:35
Private livestream shows1:02:18
The Internet is forever1:04:57
Shezam theme / SAM Funding1:08:02

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