054 – Catie Osborn on Shakespeare and tips from an entertainment director

Carisa sits down with Catie Osborn, a talented magician with two masters degrees in Shakespeare to discus what good old Billy can teach us about the world of magic. As an entertainment directer Catie also has some great insight on making yourself appealing to bookers.

Intro / Shezam theme0:00:00
Meet Catie Osborn0:00:19
Accessibility of Shakespeare and magic0:04:45
Using education in performance0:08:42
Where Catie works0:11:15
Knowing what the venue wants0:13:19
Is the culture more welcoming?0:17:24
Perspective as a booker0:22:01
Shezam theme / SAM Funding0:30:44
Stinger: Closet Shakespeare fan0:31:11

One thought on “054 – Catie Osborn on Shakespeare and tips from an entertainment director

  1. I enjoyed this episode, partly because of the historical link between Shakespeare & magic. When the bard was alive, street magicians entertained the crowds before shows and stage magic was part of some plays. (Such as this 2014 production of “The Tempest” that Teller and Johnny Thompson were involved in: https://www.wbur.org/artery/2014/05/14/tell-the-tempest-cambridge-art ) I live just north of Ashland, Oregon, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Going since 1935, it’s now the largest not-for-profit theater in the country, selling 300,000+ tickets per year. Back in the early 1970s, a young magician had a magic shop in town and used to perform in town and help the Shakespeare Festival with special effects. His name was Harry Anderson, and he went on to fame on SNL, the Tonight Show with (magician) Johnny Carson, and as the star of “Night Court” and “Dave’s World”. Sadly there are now no real magic shops for 300 miles from here.

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