037 – Stuart MacDonald MAES Interview

Interviewing Stewart MacDonald about using sophisticated manufacturing concepts to substantially improve your act.

So here is TIM WOOD!

– Transport

– Inventory

M – Movement

W – Waiting and delays

– Over production

O – Over Processing

D – Defects

Lean manufacturing0:00:43
Removing the distinction between creative and pragmatic processes0:02:25
Direct observation0:04:37
Waste: transportation0:07:12
Waste: overproduction0:07:23
Minimize steps between supplier and customer0:08:06
Waste: duplication0:11:52
Where to start with Lean0:13:43
8D problem solving0:14:22
5 Why0:14:43
The Great Egg Mystery0:19:32
Rapid Prototyping0:23:18
5S Organization0:24:56
Adam Savage’s workshop0:31:23
Carisa explains her organizing philosophy0:33:14
How do you go about assessing risk?0:39:41
Going full-time0:41:24

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