056 – Juliana Chen!!

The unbelievable Juliana Chen tells Kayla and Carisa what’s what about basically everything.

Intro / Shezam theme0:00:00
Catching Up0:00:27
Goal: recover lost Las Vegas history of women0:02:32
Juliana’s history0:02:59
Career highlights0:06:06
Always looking to help younger generations0:09:45
Do you feel that it made a difference?0:14:13
How Kayla met Juliana0:16:36
What are you looking for in young performeners?0:18:05
Choosing music for an act0:26:59
How have you seen magic in Las Vegas evolve?0:30:12
Set design0:32:39
Costume choices0:35:46
What woman have you seen perform in Las Vegas?0:39:01
FISM advice0:41:36
Your perspective on the community of magicians in Las Vegas0:47:46
Lightning Round0:50:59
Shezam theme / SAM funding0:58:27

One thought on “056 – Juliana Chen!!

  1. Hi. Ben Talbot and Archan Sramek here. We are a husband and wife duet act in the midwest. Our act is very original comedic and character driven. Not too many duets out there, ussually the woman plays “assistant” here…as you have talked about before. We recently won a couple of awards, 1st place stage and a special award for design innovation at a midsize convention. Anyway, whats interestimg, is when it came time for the awards, they started shaking my hand, putting the medal around my neck, and thrusting the trophy into my arms….almost ignoring my wife. Its really clear in our act that the characters are equal in technique and performance….but you know. So before the could get the pictures going, i went to the mic and made a little thankyou speech, making it very clear my wife writes half the act, designed all of the innovative props, and if i did my solo act, it would not have won. Then i went and hung the medal around my wifes neck, put the trophy in her arms, and hung on her side like a dutiful husband, saying in my characters accent, now we are ready for your pictures. The woman in the audience all stood up clapping and cheering. Some, not all, of the men looked quite ….chagrinned. True story. Never saw my wife smile so big. Thanks for the great stuff youre putting out. We both really appreciate your work. Especially liked the ibm jam talk on character dev, and this partucular cast…J. Chen. Also appreciated you putting your Magic Lounge performance up. Very nicely filmed and edited.
    Take care and again, thanks.

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