040 -Erik Tait on Publishing Magic

Kayla and Carisa sit down with the wonderful Erik Tait to chat about his experience creating magic products and what you should know if you are thinking of publishing a magic effect of your own.

Intro / Theme0:00:00
Catching up0:00:39
Introducing Erik Tait0:02:39
Working on podcasts0:04:16
A very important question0:07:53
What does it take to make a successful product?0:10:49
Putting out a product0:13:06
Knowing a product is worth releasing0:14:55
How do you identify a good product?0:17:20
Flight-tested effects vs baseline ideas0:19:21
Magic companies as guides0:24:43
Working with a non-magic director0:31:24
Giving notes0:36:53
Comedy degree0:40:52
Lightning round0:44:06
Shezam Theme / SAM Funding0:51:28

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