098-Performing with ADHD with Cassandra

Many adults are finding out they have ADHD. But what even is ADHD? How does it affect performers? How does the diagnosis change us both on and off stage? Cassandra (The Songstress of Magic) and Kayla sit down for a very honest and open discussion about their experience as adults, women, magicians, and ADHD friends.

Vocab (Definitions from Google)

Neurotypical: not displaying or characterized by autistic or other neurologically atypical patterns of thought or behavior.

Neurodivergent: differing in mental or neurological function from what is considered typical or normal (frequently used with reference to autistic spectrum disorders)

Masking: the process in which an individual camouflages their natural personality or behavior to conform to social pressures, abuse or harassment.

Doom pile: A pile of objects which have no place to be put, or end up there out of not bothering to put them somewhere better. A doom pile may be random objects along with important things you don’t want to misplace.

Burnout: Chronic exhaustion, reduced tolerance to stimulus, and loss of skills (e.g., reduced executive functioning such as thinking, remembering, creating and executing plans, performing basic self-care skills, and activities in daily living).

Hyperfocus: defined as a clinical phenomenon of “locking on” to a task in patients with ADHD who have a difficulty of shifting their attention from one subject to another, especially if the subject is about their interests.

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