049 – Cat Galesky about the women behind magic

Kayla sits down with Cat Galesky to share her experiences as a woman who works in support of the magic community.

Cat GaleskyShezam theme / Meeting Cat0:00:00
Cat GaleskyBeing a knowledgable volunteer0:09:41
Cat GaleskyA magic lecture for everybody0:22:07
Cat GaleskyAbraca-BLAB-ra0:28:03
Cat GaleskyEnjoyable activities at conventions0:37:08
Cat GaleskyWomen’s contributions to events0:39:49
Cat GaleskyOther magic spouses0:42:51
Cat GaleskyAssumptions magicians make about spouses0:44:59
Cat GaleskyLightning Round0:48:52
Cat GaleskyShezam theme / SAM Funding0:53:17

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