069-Street Performing Experts Felice Ling and Cate Flaherty

Ever wanted to try street performing? Although Kayla is clearly an expert after her one street show (sarcasm), Felice Ling and Cate Flaherty are regular performers at Boston’s Faneuil Hall. You may know Quincy Market for the shopping and food. It’s also a hot spot for the best of the best street performers; it’s no easy gig to get! Hear Cate and Felice’s story on how they got the spots, how to structure a good street show, and basic information all street performers need to know.

Outside of chatting about street performing, they discuss Felice’s founding of the Boston Magic Lab-an open mic for magicians and allied entertainers, Felice’s article on Asian stereotypes in magic (link below), and being woman in their respective industries.

Cate Flaherty has been performing in circuses, on stages, and streets around the world for almost 20 years. She’s been performing her own solo comedy street show, “The Cate Great Show” since 2009. She’s performed in 11 different countries. She has a minor in theater from Florida State University and is a graduate of The Quebec City Circus School.

Felice Ling is a social scientist, a Boston-based magician, and an international street performer. She has performed in festivals and on the streets of three different continents, but spent most of her pre-pandemic time performing in Boston’s Faneuil Hall. She’s also the Founder of the Boston Magic Lab, a monthly open mic magic show that just celebrated its one year anniversary.

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