002.5-Wizards on Props

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In this wizard episode, Carisa and Kayla discuss more in-depth ideas about props and costuming.  They discuss strolling magic approaches and choice of material, stage set up and prop choice, and much more.  Carisa and Kayla then play a game of “brain downpour”, where they challenge each other to take classic magic effects and make them unique to their performance styles.


Links for the Episode:

Joe Reindflesch Rubber Bands

Lynetta Welch-Fabric Manipulation

Napkin Roses


6 thoughts on “002.5-Wizards on Props

  1. Thanks for sharing. I listen to a lot of magic podcasts and it has been very interesting and eye opening to hear about the magic industry from a different perspective than what we usually hear. I look forward to future episodes.

    1. It’s like when a comedian says they “killed” it means they went over very well. To fry someone in magic is to really fool them.

  2. New product idea: sewing pattern for extra pocket to hide items for production from one’s bra. Instead of Topit, call it Brapit.

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