Special Episode: Jibrizy

Trigger Warning: sexual assault, anti-LGBTQ+ slurs

With the purpose of having a face-to-face conversation, Kayla chats with Jibrizy about the effect, “Cake”, comments made online, and more.

An important note: with the exception of taking out some talk at the start and a few “um”s, “uh”s, and pauses in the first half of the episode, this audio is uncut.




NPR Article: The Fa-Word

The History and Impact of Anti-LGBT Slurs

The Trevor Project

25 thoughts on “Special Episode: Jibrizy

  1. I’m guessing about 5 years before he realizes how out of touch he is being here.

    His “abundance of awareness” bullshit is pure cringe.

    I don’t think he’ll care until it starts impacting his view count, and that’s fine. He’s business. Just don’t expect any sort of human connection with someone like this, because he is all front.

    1. I listened to it and what a waste of almost an hour of my life!

      Is the guy perfect? Of course not! Who is ?

      The guy wants to be in the limelight and will do anything or say anything to be there.

      The interviewer lost her cool at the end and that was a shame really.

      The last few minutes of the interview went bat shit crazy to use sticks to justify using the word “faggot” was shocking!

      He knew what he said was wrong but his ego would not let him admit it!

      Anyways I’m off to my local woods to find some sticks to rub because he is fucking annoying me!

  2. This is not the first time someone has tried to talk to this piece of garbage. I used to be his magic teacher before he went to the lax side. I told him he was not ready, lax told him to tell me “I was holding him back and bullying him” Lax created this thing before us. They are both thieves and have hurt the magic community in so many ways. Once I lost my ability to influence ( I refuse to say his name correctly)him lax took over for the bad. Not the good.
    He was banned from the castle from life. This is the harvest that is produced from now respecting the art and wanting to be famous when y are not ready or you are not supposed to be. I would love to share my side of how I’m connected to this guy on yours or my podcast. If you are interested in how far the rabbit hole goes? Either way great job on this one.

    1. True, if that guy only followed your teachings, by now he would be a man goatee faggot handmaking 2$ from Aliexpress bag and selling for 100$ for his fans. He would be a way better human being by now.

  3. By the way when he says “ some magicians who told me I was not ready for a tv show” guess who that was…ME!

  4. Wow… Thank you Kayla for being sincere and offering him a platform to redeem himself, and sorry for the trainwreck you had to endure as a result! The last ten or so minutes became bizarre to the point of almost surrealism! Hopefully our wider community will finally take notice and take action against not just Jibberishy (sp) but other “entertainers” who think they’re exempt from general decency…

    Best wishes from New Zealand,
    Sexual Orientation: Gay, Out and Proud

  5. Wow,
    Wow. Not only is he disrespectful in his own comments he is disrespecting all of us that have to listen to his pathetic attempts at humor. I have to hope he thinks he was clever, but I have a feeling he believes we are idiots… no, that isn’t right I think he is acting like we all secretly agree with him. It’s like a nod-nod wink-wink thing. He really needs to understand it’s not cute, it’s not funny, and he is more and more alone in his disgusting habits. He is like the smoker, alone, outside the bar, thinking he is still cool.

    Thank you for giving him the opportunity, you were very professional and that guy… WOW, that guy is way out of touch and full of himself.

  6. Towards the end, I really lost some brain cells, thanks to him.

    If somebody has been brought up a certain way, you know what? That’s FINE. If he was genuinely brought up where everybody around him used the word fa-slur to indicate a bundle of sticks, that’s completely fine. It’s understandable.

    What’s not understandable is how he remains adamant! He’s being *told* that it’s a slur, don’t use it, and YET he’s using it! Know what? When I was in first grade learning about nouns in Grammar, there were several sample sentences using the actual N-word as an example, to show how words vary in spelling with number. I had no idea it was offensive. At the age of 12/13 on becoming more socially educated, I realised that the N-word is offensive, that it’s a slur. And you know what I did?


    Guess I have more EQ than Jibrizy…

    PS:- Does he realise that some women (any volunteer in general) feel pressurised to consent to certain things when in a performance scenario? Things which they otherwise would never approve, but feel like they ‘have to’?

    1. “Guess I have more EQ than Jibrizy…”

      Normally this statement as written would be enough to refute itself. In this case, I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s likely to still be true.

  7. That ignorant homophobic diatribe at the end shows exactly why he wasn’t ready for a TV show. I wasted 53minutes of my life listening to this self centred idiot. He needs to change that attitude if he wants to be a star. It’s a shame he has those attitudes. Him trying to pass it off as a joke about sticks didn’t even sound remotely convincing, and shows contempt for the listeners and particularly LGBT people who are listening and have had to put up with similar tiresome homophobia from others in the past.

  8. He grew up in a place with gangs, he is in the rapping community, and he has no idea what the fa-word means today and that it’s derogatory?
    And are we supposed to believe that he really meant a bunch of sticks instead of the derogatory meaning of the fa-word? The least he could do if he wasn’t brave enough to own up, was to come up with a better excuse. Also, in general, I have a feeling that it’ll take a lot more than doing card tricks with fake reactions if somebody wants to be remembered after death.
    Forget women, if anybody at all likes this pretentious, arrogant dude for what he is (or what he shows himself as to the public), THAT will be real magic.
    PS:- To any non-magician who is shared this, we magicians (and male human beings) don’t claim him.

  9. I haven’t listened to the interview yet and I am afraid to in case it might traumatize me unduly. I am terribly prudish and terribly proper and will be dreadfully embarrassed by the subject under discussion. I have never heard of this young man until now but as a result of the fuss going on I thought I had better look him up. He is not a bad performer and certainly no worse than all the other horrific young people who accost people in the street in a most impertinent manner in order to do card tricks. He seems enthusiastic and full of Chudspeh.

    Not quite my cup of tea but on the other hand he follows the dictum of a great and very wise magician I once knew. Murray the Escapologist. Look him up. Murray once said that the secret to being a great magician is “audacity and bluff”. This young man seems to follow that dictum . The other thing he does is follow to the letter the sage advice Murray once gave me “Talk about me good—talk about me bad. It doesn’t matter as long as you talk about me”

    And he is certainly making you all talk about him.

  10. Ok. I just finish listening to the whole thing, and sincerely can’t believe that you actually manage to lose on all arguments against FLIPPING JIBREEZUS! I’m not being sarcastic, the guy is a completely buffoon, and yet, you just made one single good point on the whole podcast.

    On the Cake trick: You completely missed the point of the thing. He is right when he say that is not sexual harassment/assault if the girl consented. The problem lays on the cringeworthy and false advertisement based marketing that those companies have when selling tricks like this. You briefly addressed when you said: “But you said that this trick is guarantee to get the girl phone number.” With, is not just straight false advertisement, but fall on the category of the stupid “Oh, you gonna be the life of the party with this! All the girls gonna fall in love with you after this trick and you gonna have a harem at home!” kind of marketing that a lot of magic companies have towards they products. If you have focused your arguments on this cancerous marketing instead of trying guide the conversation to the lines of sexual harassment/assault, you would had a better point. But because you kept talking about sexual harassment/assault, and he just said “Yeah, but she consented.” And he is “right”. He’s not actually right, the Cake thing is atrocious, but because you kept on a wrong point, you made him look reasonable.

    On the slur words discussion: Is very arrogant of you to try to dictate what people should or not say. I actually understand Jijezus being sarcastic all the way thought the conversation, I probably would be too. Also, did you deleted my comment because I called Justin Miller (Or a random guy using Justin name) a faggot? First that is a joke based on the irony that he called pigcake a manbun fag, tried to sell 2$ bags that he bought on AliExpress for his fans for 100$ and now is here all judgmental, calling Jibrezy a piece of garbage on the comments, like he is a standard of rectitude and respectability himself.
    And it’s also hypocrite of you letting this Justin Miller comment pass and mine not if you are using this “slur” argument. “Piece of garbage” is also derogatory term. Why is type of term acceptable and faggot is not if both are inherently offensive terms?

    And Piggy, if by any chance you are reading this on Ham Radio Wednesday: You are a cunt! Expect a angry virgin loser magician/cardistrian bitching and typing very angrily on the chat. I’m gonna hurt your felling’s more that I hurt the English idiom.

    1. I don’t know who you are but you feel you must hide behind a fake French “Coward behind a pseudonym” tag to get away with so much meaningless meanderings. And really—what was the purpose of that last paragraph? Not since the seventh grade…….

      1. It’s not French. Meaningless meanderings is a redundancy. The last paragraph is a intern joke to Pigcake, so I can give him enough attention to compensate for the abstention of a father figure on his life. And you definitively hurted the English language more than I did, so thank you, I am feeling less miserable now, and maybe I will not hang myself today =)

      2. Yeah hahah don’t know what’s wrong with him and why he’s attacking Justin Miller ! The pig cake thing he wrote made be crack up

    2. Yo Justin Miller is a fucking legend. Professional magician, creator and great human being. He’s too good to be even on here. Pig cake is cool too so stfu you don’t know anything

  11. I mean anyone who has been involved in the magic community for more than a few months knows Jibrizy is an idiot. He has done nothing to persuade people to feel otherwise.

    He has constantly tried to use shock and awe tactics and general trolling to get the spotlight. Guess what? He has succeeded again.

    The dude isn’t as stupid as we would all like to believe. I guarantee most of his actions are calculated.

    He knows he’s not the greatest magician in the world, but he knows that by saying it, a ton of people will start talking about him. He knows that f***** isn’t acceptable to say, but he says it and gets a ton of attention.

    You want Jibrizy to quit with this kind of stuff? Ignore it. Like a child, if he doesn’t get attention from it, he will stop doing it. People get so easily offended by the stuff he does, that they can’t help but give him the attention he craves.

    Oh and I love that Justin Miller is in the comments here trying to take the moral high ground. The dude has an entire podcast episode referring to a fellow magician as a f*****, because that person and others were upset with Justin for using the N word. He referred to Pigcake as a “manbun f*****” in an Instagram post earlier this year due to some incident at Magifest. Give me a goddamn break Miller. You’re just as bad as jibrizy with the crazy claims (“I’ve had millions stolen from me!”…yea…) and racial and homophobic slurs.

  12. I’m anti- Jibrizy Taylor and have been for a long time. And I admit, I don’t agree with that whole enterprise of whoring magic out or creating fake responses.

    Yet I will this one time say I do understand partly where he is coming from. This may be a cultural misunderstanding played out in very politically sensitive times. We have to know that Jibree doesn’t use the term “faggot” as a shot to LBGTQ+ or probably has an issue with anyone in that community. Because if any of you grew up in the hood know, it’s just language he uses to define any of his annoying haters. It’s pretty common verbiage and understood.

    People used to say “yo that shit is gay,” but that was said about anything a person didn’t like. When the LBGTQ+ movement came along and some people realized it was defined as offensive, the culture turned and adapted to saying things like “pause” or “no-in” (not intended) to express that they were somewhat woke about these movements.

    While it’s an immature reaction and such, I felt he was setup and this interview and annoyed enough to lash back in the same fashion. He still a sellout to the internet anything for clout game, but he not selling to the established magicians, he wants attention from noobs.

    I don’t know what abstract effects was thinking choosing him. I’m kind of surprised for real. I think it’s the blindness of white privilege choosing someone like Jibrizy over some greats like Marcus Eddie or Eric Jones.

    And this will be the only point I will ever come to the defense for Jibrizy. He and his whole crew are a bunch of Magic Bitch Ass MFs.

  13. I only listened to the juicy bit at the end . The last ten minutes or so since I understand that was the part which got everyone all excited. I will listen to the rest later. I tried very hard to dislike him but I couldn’t quite manage it. After all anyone who manages to upset the magic community is a man after my own heart and can’t be all bad.

    I thought I would be disgusted because I deem that sort of conversation most improper and not the sort of discussion that should be heard in the best country homes. However, to my surprise I couldn’t stop laughing! A lot of fuss about nothing and merely an example of youth being wasted on the young.

    He is a most horrific young man but I half approve of him. I think he will do very well in the long run. However, I also half disapprove of him too. Only time will tell as to which half will predominate. I wish him luck.

    Incidentally Karla is a very good interviewer.

  14. Took me a while to get to listening to this, I knew I’d be angry. I didn’t see the bundle of sticks BS argument coming down broadway…. Can’t believe he pulled that out….it was offensive. To every single person in the LGBTQ community, it was an assault on them. I hate him now. He knows he’s a giant piece of dirt and he knows what he said and how its interpreted. The whole “my mother told me to use the dictionary”….. jaw dropping really. Its like my 5 year old saying bitch and trying to convince me its ok because youtube told him that’s a female dog. Sure, its that, but even my 5 year old knows what he’s saying and that its wrong otherwise he wouldn’t backpeddle.
    For the record and for what its worth ( which I know is not much ) I’ve been interviewed a fair bit over the last 25 or so years, plugging comedy festivals, shows or …whatever. I think I have a good sense of a balanced host asking reasonable questions. You were that. I’ve seen 25 year vets of CBC interviews lose it on guests more than you did. I think you were very very good with him, fair, and you never once swung outside yourself. That’s a really rare quality in hosts.

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