076-Lisa Menna!!

Our guest this week is a magician and activist.  You may know her from her trade show and corporate event fame, where she was nicknamed The Darling of Dot Com.  Teller said, “She is not only beautiful and funny, she is clever.”  

She’s been on Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the Wall Street Journal. Genii Magazine, The International Conjurors Magazine, just to name a few.  In an international trade event, she was awarded ” Most Entertaining, Biggest Crowds, Best Audience Response, and Best Product Integration.”

She is the first woman to lecture and perform at FISM, she’s played every room at the Magic Castle, she is a magic legend.

She also  focuses on her foundation, Cause to Wonder, who’s mission statement is, “by producing curious, creative, collaborative, cross-cultural public performances and events, we leverage the human tendency to be novelty-seeking to facilitate the exchange of ideas that can reduce human suffering.”

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