063-Lyn Dillies on Your Vote is Magic

In this episode, Lyn Dillies discusses her career, her new project “Your Vote is Magic”, and being a woman in the illusions world. Kayla also shares some thoughts on the new effect “Cake” by Jibrizy, released by Abstract Effects.

Lyn Dillies has earned a place in magic history for her unique illusions with elephants. She has produced an award winning DVD called Learn Magic With Lyn which introduces children to the world of magic. Lyn performs with symphony orchestras from coast to coast with her original Magic At The Symphony program which combines classical music with her illusions played by a full symphony orchestra. 

She has created her own initiative called Your Vote Is Magic, to educate young people about the importance of voting.  Lyn strategically weaves her magic in a video presentation which is essentially a 50 minute visual civics lesson. In a compelling, entertaining way, Lyn informs students about why they should vote, how voting will impact their lives, the sacrifice it took to have the precious right to vote, and the responsibility of being an educated voter. The catalyst for this unique public service campaign was an illusion that took over a year to develop.  Out of thin air, witnessed by a live audience of 1,000 spectators, Lyn magically made the two live political mascots (a donkey and an elephant) appear out of thin air.

Lyn measures her success not by the impressive venues she performs at, or by her extraordinary achievements, but by using her gift to make a difference in people’s lives – whether it’s giving a family an experience they will always cherish together or inspiring a young girl to believe in her dreams…her vision and mission are the same – to use her magic in a positive way.

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