006.5: Biz-Nuss Bay-Sicks

A continuation from episode 6 , Carisa and Kayla go over some more information on business basics. This episode will answers questions like: -How do I make the jump to becoming a pro? -How do I get the gigs rolling? -What is the lifestyle of a professional entertainer? -Where can I find more on business… Continue reading 006.5: Biz-Nuss Bay-Sicks

002.5-Wizards on Props

The first wizardcast is for everyone! Go to shezampod.com to get the upcoming wizard episodes. In this wizard episode, Carisa and Kayla discuss more in-depth ideas about props and costuming.  They discuss strolling magic approaches and choice of material, stage set up and prop choice, and much more.  Carisa and Kayla then play a game of… Continue reading 002.5-Wizards on Props