Special Episode: Jibrizy

Trigger Warning: sexual assault, anti-LGBTQ+ slurs With the purpose of having a face-to-face conversation, Kayla chats with Jibrizy about the effect, “Cake”, comments made online, and more. An important note: with the exception of taking out some talk at the start and a few “um”s, “uh”s, and pauses in the first half of the episode,… Continue reading Special Episode: Jibrizy

063-Lyn Dillies on Your Vote is Magic

In this episode, Lyn Dillies discusses her career, her new project “Your Vote is Magic”, and being a woman in the illusions world. Kayla also shares some thoughts on the new effect “Cake” by Jibrizy, released by Abstract Effects. Lyn Dillies has earned a place in magic history for her unique illusions with elephants. She… Continue reading 063-Lyn Dillies on Your Vote is Magic