076-Lisa Menna!!

Our guest this week is a magician and activist.  You may know her from her trade show and corporate event fame, where she was nicknamed The Darling of Dot Com.  Teller said, “She is not only beautiful and funny, she is clever.”   She’s been on Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the Wall… Continue reading 076-Lisa Menna!!

075-Alana Talks Act Building and Fashionable Inspiration

Happy 75th episode, all! My, how the time has flown by. And what a wonderful episode this is for #75! Ever since she won the German Grand Prix 2011, and was thus the first woman to achieve the prestigious title German Champion of Magic, Alana is one of magic’s premier performersBut success didn’t come overnight.… Continue reading 075-Alana Talks Act Building and Fashionable Inspiration

068-Karen Maruyama on Character, Comedy, and Disingenuous Magicians

This one’s a big one!  Legendary comedian, actor, and teacher Karen Maruyama joins Kayla to talk about playing characters, being funny, and why watching magicians often is…gross.  Karen, a teacher at The Groundlings and AFI, has taught specialty workshops for Disney Orlando, Disney Animation, Paramount Parks, and Universal (to name a few).  She’s the director… Continue reading 068-Karen Maruyama on Character, Comedy, and Disingenuous Magicians

067-Suzanne the Magician

Suzanne and Kayla talk restaurant magic during COVID and post-COVID times, training horses, audience management, creating unique magic, and fooling Penn & Teller (which only Suzanne did…Kayla did not fool them…DUH!). Audiences all over the country have been falling in love with Suzanne since 1985. She resides in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and can be see… Continue reading 067-Suzanne the Magician

065-Connie Boyd on her Career and Magical Women

From the early days of dance and circus to her debut and magic shows in Las Vegas, from touring internationally with award winning magic to producing magic production shows, from mentoring to providing contracts for emerging talent, nothing has been impossible on Connie’s journey. Very early on in Connie’s magic career she began working with… Continue reading 065-Connie Boyd on her Career and Magical Women

064-Ryan Kane on Rewriting Stock Material

First up-a quick update on the Jibrizy special episode. Then, listen to how Ryan Kane rewrote all the stock material in his show to end with something unique and specific to him. Ryan Kane is a magician, comedian, and author thriving in the San Francisco Bay Area. His clients include Fortune 500 companies and savvy event… Continue reading 064-Ryan Kane on Rewriting Stock Material

Special Episode: Jibrizy

Trigger Warning: sexual assault, anti-LGBTQ+ slurs With the purpose of having a face-to-face conversation, Kayla chats with Jibrizy about the effect, “Cake”, comments made online, and more. An important note: with the exception of taking out some talk at the start and a few “um”s, “uh”s, and pauses in the first half of the episode,… Continue reading Special Episode: Jibrizy

063-Lyn Dillies on Your Vote is Magic

In this episode, Lyn Dillies discusses her career, her new project “Your Vote is Magic”, and being a woman in the illusions world. Kayla also shares some thoughts on the new effect “Cake” by Jibrizy, released by Abstract Effects. Lyn Dillies has earned a place in magic history for her unique illusions with elephants. She… Continue reading 063-Lyn Dillies on Your Vote is Magic

020 – Interview – Lindsay Benner

This week Carisa and Kayla interview… Lindsay Benner! A beloved staple in the variety arts scene of Los Angeles, this force of entertainment can do it all! Physical comedy, juggling, hosting, acting, strait jacket escape, ventriloquism, magic and more! Lindsay’s Website Episode photo by Pixie Vision Photography

017 – Real Talk – Sexual Assault

Warning: This episode veers into some difficult topics, viewer discretion is advised. This week Carisa and Kayla tackle the difficult topic of Sexual Assault in the magic community, and discuss things we can all do to help put an end to it. Dana Lynn Photography A Man’s Guide to Not Sexually Harassing Women