092-When Facebook Goes Wrong with Meadow Perry

Ever post something important on Facebook that just shouldn’t be controversial but it instead sparks a giant discussion? Haven’t we all? Join Meadow in discussing her experience with just this and how she handled it. Head to our Instagram to see a photo of Meadow’s original post. Show Links Meadow Perry Bubble U GLOMM List… Continue reading 092-When Facebook Goes Wrong with Meadow Perry

091-Historical Research Issues with Margaret Steele

Ever wonder why it’s hard to find accurate historical information about diverse magicians?  How hard is it to write a book when information is difficult to find?  Returning guest, Margaret Steele, walks us through much of this information and more! Show Links Margaret Steele’s Publications  Acts of Violet An Interview with Margarita Montimore Become a… Continue reading 091-Historical Research Issues with Margaret Steele

090-Entertainment Director BEN BARNES

Join Ben Barnes for an enlightening discussion on booking diverse performers and creating an inclusive environment. Show Notes Ben Barnes Chicago Magic Lounge IDM Con How to Pronounce Indian Names Become a Patron Penguin Magic Podcast Eli Marks Mystery Series Kevin Kareckas Jonah’s Twisters

088-Ching Ling Foo, Robinson, and History with Samuel Porteous

Samuel Porteous, the author of the biography on Ching Ling Foo, joins Shezam for a conversation on the importance of Ching Ling Foo in not only magic history but in the world and how the relationship with William Robinson has shaped modern conversations. Show Links Ching Ling Foo Biography Samuel Porteous Check This Out-@notjoshingwithyou Historical… Continue reading 088-Ching Ling Foo, Robinson, and History with Samuel Porteous

087-Performing for the Visually Impaired with Cori Couture

During the pandemic, Kayla was amongst a group of magicians who got to perform virtually for a visually impaired or blind audience. How did the magicians do this? With the help of professional audio describer, Cori Couture! Cori and Kayla chat about the difficulties and the rewards of doing this show and how magicians can… Continue reading 087-Performing for the Visually Impaired with Cori Couture

085-Creating Safe Spaces with Courtney Pong

We’re getting back into convention, camp, and magic-gathering season. If you’re in charge of any gathering of entertainers, then this episode is especially for you! Returning guest Courtney Pong walks us through some simple and easy steps to creating a safe work environment for all. Show Links CSZBoston Check This Out-Tony Nabors Historical Human-Antonio Gallardo… Continue reading 085-Creating Safe Spaces with Courtney Pong

082-SPECIAL Discourse Crossover!

We are coming to you, during our hiatus, with this special crossover episode with Discourse in Magic! Jonah Babins and Kayla discuss all sorts of things, from producing virtual conventions to stuff we hate about today’s magic world. Show Links Discourse in Magic Unconventional.fun the Online Wonder Gala Become a Patron Kevin Kareckas Jonah’s Twisters

077-The Wine and Whiskey Ladies

I first met these two amazing humans when performing in their pandemic YouTube series.  Our conversation was so fun (and Shezam relevant) that we had to make it an episode! Who are the Wine and Whiskey Ladies? Originally from Atlanta, Jennifer Wren packed up her bags and moved to New York City to pursue a… Continue reading 077-The Wine and Whiskey Ladies

074-Leah Orleans on How Circus and Magic Compare

Leah Orleans is a contortionist, entertainer and fitness instructor currently based out of St. Petersburg Florida after the Covid-19 pandemic grounded her tour. She is one half of the comedy acrobatic duo, Acrobatrix! that tours cruise ships, renaissance festivals, and universities. Growing up in the theater scene of Chicago, raised in a family of magicians,… Continue reading 074-Leah Orleans on How Circus and Magic Compare

071-Cassandra Paige on Looking Good for Promo Photos/Videos

Makeup-it’s a mystery to many of us (especially Kayla). And makeup for your promo photos and videos require a professional touch. Enter: Cassandra Paige. Her Instagram says it all: she’s a skilled and artful makeup artist. On top of her vast skill and packed resume, she’s also an absolutely hilarious and bubbly human being. Enjoy… Continue reading 071-Cassandra Paige on Looking Good for Promo Photos/Videos

Special Episode: Jibrizy

Trigger Warning: sexual assault, anti-LGBTQ+ slurs With the purpose of having a face-to-face conversation, Kayla chats with Jibrizy about the effect, “Cake”, comments made online, and more. An important note: with the exception of taking out some talk at the start and a few “um”s, “uh”s, and pauses in the first half of the episode,… Continue reading Special Episode: Jibrizy


So much has changed since Season 2 that we’re telling you about them in this mini-episode announcement. Season 3 begins OCTOBER 5th!! Show Links Become a Patron Shezam Swag Shezam Pins Kevin Kareckas New Song, “Good Times Go” Jonah’s Twisters State of the podcast 0:00:00 Changes in Season 3 0:01:56 Ads, sponsored segments, SAM and… Continue reading Season 3 ANNOUNCEMENT!

022 – Live from the Chicago Magic Lounge!

Recorded live at the Chicago Magic Lounge during their Women in Magic Spotlight, Carisa interviews the amazing Jade, and the phenomenal Alba! Jade’s Website Alba’s Website Chicago Magic Lounge  This podcast is supported in part through support from the endowment and development fund of the International Brotherhood of Magicians

020 – Interview – Lindsay Benner

This week Carisa and Kayla interview… Lindsay Benner! A beloved staple in the variety arts scene of Los Angeles, this force of entertainment can do it all! Physical comedy, juggling, hosting, acting, strait jacket escape, ventriloquism, magic and more! Lindsay’s Website Episode photo by Pixie Vision Photography