099-The Magic Circle’s Megan Swann!

Being the president of a magic club is tough stuff. Being the president of an international magic organization…woah! Oh, and also be the first woman to do it! What is that experience like? Join Megan Swann, the first woman to be president of the Magic Circle, for an amazing conversation about her rise in the… Continue reading 099-The Magic Circle’s Megan Swann!

098-Performing with ADHD with Cassandra

Many adults are finding out they have ADHD. But what even is ADHD? How does it affect performers? How does the diagnosis change us both on and off stage? Cassandra (The Songstress of Magic) and Kayla sit down for a very honest and open discussion about their experience as adults, women, magicians, and ADHD friends.… Continue reading 098-Performing with ADHD with Cassandra

097-Speak Up with Your Voice, Literally, with Tris!

As entertainers, we use our voices all of the time. But what if your voice doesn’t fit who you are? Join us for this conversation with Tris all about how the voice is a much more powerful tool than most of us have thought about. And head to the Shezam socials (@shezampod) to see some… Continue reading 097-Speak Up with Your Voice, Literally, with Tris!

095-SISTERHOOD! With Rosemary Reid

Decks of cards have been the same since…well…forever. Rosemary Reid, a Canadian magician, has not only created a deck of cards centered around sisterhood, not only created a deck of cards that “handles like a dream”, but has also snuck in some important statistics about the experience of women in the magic industry. During the… Continue reading 095-SISTERHOOD! With Rosemary Reid

092-When Facebook Goes Wrong with Meadow Perry

Ever post something important on Facebook that just shouldn’t be controversial but it instead sparks a giant discussion? Haven’t we all? Join Meadow in discussing her experience with just this and how she handled it. Head to our Instagram to see a photo of Meadow’s original post. Show Links Meadow Perry Bubble U GLOMM List… Continue reading 092-When Facebook Goes Wrong with Meadow Perry

090-Entertainment Director BEN BARNES

Join Ben Barnes for an enlightening discussion on booking diverse performers and creating an inclusive environment. Show Notes Ben Barnes Chicago Magic Lounge IDM Con How to Pronounce Indian Names Become a Patron Penguin Magic Podcast Eli Marks Mystery Series Kevin Kareckas Jonah’s Twisters

086-The Amazing Paul Kilmer

We chat with hilarious magician Paul Kilmer about his life as an Autism advocate, what that means when it comes to a magic show, and how your show can be more sensory friendly with just a few easy changes. Show Links Chicago Magic Lounge Check This Out-@recycldstardust Historical Human-Black Herman Become a Patron Penguin Magic… Continue reading 086-The Amazing Paul Kilmer

085-Creating Safe Spaces with Courtney Pong

We’re getting back into convention, camp, and magic-gathering season. If you’re in charge of any gathering of entertainers, then this episode is especially for you! Returning guest Courtney Pong walks us through some simple and easy steps to creating a safe work environment for all. Show Links CSZBoston Check This Out-Tony Nabors Historical Human-Antonio Gallardo… Continue reading 085-Creating Safe Spaces with Courtney Pong

084-Sensory-Friendly Inclusion with Cody Clark

Cody Clark, magician and advocate, joins Shezam is discuss how to be an advocate, how to perform a sensory-friendly show, and how to make every show, gathering, club meeting, and convention more inclusive for Autistic folks and those that have additional sensory needs. Show Links Cody Clark Check This Out-White Woman Whisperer on TikTok Historical… Continue reading 084-Sensory-Friendly Inclusion with Cody Clark

076-Lisa Menna!!

Our guest this week is a magician and activist.  You may know her from her trade show and corporate event fame, where she was nicknamed The Darling of Dot Com.  Teller said, “She is not only beautiful and funny, she is clever.”   She’s been on Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the Wall… Continue reading 076-Lisa Menna!!

074-Leah Orleans on How Circus and Magic Compare

Leah Orleans is a contortionist, entertainer and fitness instructor currently based out of St. Petersburg Florida after the Covid-19 pandemic grounded her tour. She is one half of the comedy acrobatic duo, Acrobatrix! that tours cruise ships, renaissance festivals, and universities. Growing up in the theater scene of Chicago, raised in a family of magicians,… Continue reading 074-Leah Orleans on How Circus and Magic Compare

017 – Real Talk – Sexual Assault

Warning: This episode veers into some difficult topics, viewer discretion is advised. This week Carisa and Kayla tackle the difficult topic of Sexual Assault in the magic community, and discuss things we can all do to help put an end to it. Dana Lynn Photography A Man’s Guide to Not Sexually Harassing Women

016 – Live from the Internet, it’s the Shezam New Year’s Special!

It’s 2019! Kayla and Carisa do an episode of Shezam… Live on Facebook! You can watch the full video on Facebook complete with some mild language and hysterics, or listen to the cleaned up audio version! Facebook Video