085-Creating Safe Spaces with Courtney Pong

We’re getting back into convention, camp, and magic-gathering season. If you’re in charge of any gathering of entertainers, then this episode is especially for you! Returning guest Courtney Pong walks us through some simple and easy steps to creating a safe work environment for all. Show Links CSZBoston Check This Out-Tony Nabors Historical Human-Antonio Gallardo… Continue reading 085-Creating Safe Spaces with Courtney Pong

084-Sensory-Friendly Inclusion with Cody Clark

Cody Clark, magician and advocate, joins Shezam is discuss how to be an advocate, how to perform a sensory-friendly show, and how to make every show, gathering, club meeting, and convention more inclusive for Autistic folks and those that have additional sensory needs. Show Links Cody Clark Check This Out-White Woman Whisperer on TikTok Historical… Continue reading 084-Sensory-Friendly Inclusion with Cody Clark

081-“That is something you would just never…say to a male juggler”

What’s it like to be a woman in juggling?  Our season 3 ends with our final panel discussion. Who are our panelists? Cate Flaherty has been performing in circuses, on stages, and streets around the world for almost 20 years. She’s been performing her own solo comedy street show, “The Cate Great Show” since 2009.… Continue reading 081-“That is something you would just never…say to a male juggler”

076-Lisa Menna!!

Our guest this week is a magician and activist.  You may know her from her trade show and corporate event fame, where she was nicknamed The Darling of Dot Com.  Teller said, “She is not only beautiful and funny, she is clever.”   She’s been on Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the Wall… Continue reading 076-Lisa Menna!!

075-Alana Talks Act Building and Fashionable Inspiration

Happy 75th episode, all! My, how the time has flown by. And what a wonderful episode this is for #75! Ever since she won the German Grand Prix 2011, and was thus the first woman to achieve the prestigious title German Champion of Magic, Alana is one of magic’s premier performersBut success didn’t come overnight.… Continue reading 075-Alana Talks Act Building and Fashionable Inspiration

069-Street Performing Experts Felice Ling and Cate Flaherty

Ever wanted to try street performing? Although Kayla is clearly an expert after her one street show (sarcasm), Felice Ling and Cate Flaherty are regular performers at Boston’s Faneuil Hall. You may know Quincy Market for the shopping and food. It’s also a hot spot for the best of the best street performers; it’s no… Continue reading 069-Street Performing Experts Felice Ling and Cate Flaherty

065-Connie Boyd on her Career and Magical Women

From the early days of dance and circus to her debut and magic shows in Las Vegas, from touring internationally with award winning magic to producing magic production shows, from mentoring to providing contracts for emerging talent, nothing has been impossible on Connie’s journey. Very early on in Connie’s magic career she began working with… Continue reading 065-Connie Boyd on her Career and Magical Women


So much has changed since Season 2 that we’re telling you about them in this mini-episode announcement. Season 3 begins OCTOBER 5th!! Show Links Become a Patron Shezam Swag Shezam Pins Kevin Kareckas New Song, “Good Times Go” Jonah’s Twisters State of the podcast 0:00:00 Changes in Season 3 0:01:56 Ads, sponsored segments, SAM and… Continue reading Season 3 ANNOUNCEMENT!

022 – Live from the Chicago Magic Lounge!

Recorded live at the Chicago Magic Lounge during their Women in Magic Spotlight, Carisa interviews the amazing Jade, and the phenomenal Alba! Jade’s Website Alba’s Website Chicago Magic Lounge  This podcast is supported in part through support from the endowment and development fund of the International Brotherhood of Magicians

020 – Interview – Lindsay Benner

This week Carisa and Kayla interview… Lindsay Benner! A beloved staple in the variety arts scene of Los Angeles, this force of entertainment can do it all! Physical comedy, juggling, hosting, acting, strait jacket escape, ventriloquism, magic and more! Lindsay’s Website Episode photo by Pixie Vision Photography

017 – Real Talk – Sexual Assault

Warning: This episode veers into some difficult topics, viewer discretion is advised. This week Carisa and Kayla tackle the difficult topic of Sexual Assault in the magic community, and discuss things we can all do to help put an end to it. Dana Lynn Photography A Man’s Guide to Not Sexually Harassing Women

016 – Live from the Internet, it’s the Shezam New Year’s Special!

It’s 2019! Kayla and Carisa do an episode of Shezam… Live on Facebook! You can watch the full video on Facebook complete with some mild language and hysterics, or listen to the cleaned up audio version! Facebook Video

010 – Interview – Virginia Hankins

This week we have a VERY special interview, Virginia Hankins! WARRIOR. SIREN. ARCHER. WOMAN. KNIGHT. The redheaded living legend famous for her extraordinary life and adventures as a modern day lady knight inspiring the spirit of imagination and adventure in all that she meets. http://www.virginiahankins.com/

009 – Part of the Problem (Part of the Solution)

This episode talks about some potentially triggering subject matter.

We are constantly asked why there are so few women in magic. The answer is complex and nuanced because it is made up of many different reasons. These are many little things that are keeping women away from magic and many people are likely unaware. In an effort to draw attention to these little things we have posted the hashtag “part of the problem”. One example that has received some attention is the ongoing popularity of sexual explicit images of women used in a recent sting of “porn memes” that has popped up on a comedy forum for magicians. We are proud to be a part of magic right now, when so many are so interested in the support of women in magic and a move towards greater gender equality. If you see something you believe is contributing to the lack of women in the art of magic please use the #partoftheproblem to draw attention to the issue without judgment or disrespect. Most people don’t realize how these little things taken together make a big impact.